Rear Suspension Link Jig

Trilift® Rear Suspension Link Jig (Part No. TL02120) is used to provide support for the Rear Suspension Link or Stabiliser Arm (aka Dog Bone) during removal and replacement. When bolted to the Trilift® Cylinder Handler (Part No. TL02091) and Multijig XC (Part No. TL02090) on the Variable Work Table VWT XC20/25/30 the Rear Suspension Link Jig allows access to the component without the need to work under suspended loads.

  • Hydraulic operation (integrating with all VWT XCs)
  • Integrates with all VWT XC remote controls
  • Unique adjustable clamp design
  • Compatible with most makes and models
  • Quick hitch mounting
  • Able to reach a distance of up to 8407mm/ 331 inches

  • Reduced risks associated with manual handling
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Eliminates the need to remove dump body
  • Eliminates the need to work under suspended loads
  • Reduces maintenance time

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