Cylinder Handler

The Cylinder Handler when used in conjunction with the Multijig XC Tilt Head, is designed to assist with the safe and efficient handling of large hydraulic cylinders, including hoist cylinders and rear struts. (Part No. TL02091)

Featuring a telescopic arm, the reach of the clamp can be easily altered for two lengths of operation by pinning the adjustable arm to the required length. To clamp a cylinder, tension adjustable wire ropes are fitted to the head of the Cylinder Handler. The attachment of a lifting hook allows the jig to be used as a Jib Crane.

  • Telescopic reach adjustment
  • Adjustable wire ropes to clamp cylinders of varying diameters
  • Quick-Hitch for connection to Multijig XC Tilt Head

  • Working load limit of 3000kg at maximum reach

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