RotorStep G

The Safe-Away® RotorStep G Ladder has been designed  to  provide  safe access for the operators and maintenance personnel of graders used in the heavy mining and earthmoving industries.

The ladder is electro-hydraulically controlled and rotates through an arc of 180° to the upright, ‘parked’ position to protect it from physical damage while the grader is in use. The RotorStep G will operate with the cab door fully open or fully closed and when parked will not obstruct an operators vision. As another safety addition, the door safety switch is connected to the cab door to ensure the ladder doesn’t operate when the door is opened.

Designed for use on

  • Cat 16G and H Series Graders
  • Incab control panel with digital display showing access system status, UP, DOWN and IN MOTION, detailed fault indication with audible alarm and system event log.
  • 3,000 point event data log with download using a USB key connection to the side of the incab control panel.
  • An operational access-courtesy light Keeps the ladder out of harms way when equipment is in operation(optional) is activated by pressing the up or down directional switch. The light will stay on for a preset period.
  • A park brake interlock provides additional protection by ensuring the ladder is raised automatically when the park brake is released.

  • Keeps the ladder out of harms way when equipment is in operation

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