The Trilift® TH15000 Workshop Tyre Handler has been designed to provide a maintenance tool for the safe removal and installation of tyres from a range of earthmoving and plant equipment. The TH15000 has been developed to be used in a workshop environment and its compact design poses minimal impact on the normal operations of a mining workshop. (Part No. TL14000)

This fully self-contained diesel/hydraulic powered, remote controlled unit will handle tyres and rims up to 15000kg/33000lbs. In addition the TH15000 can handle tyres ranging in size from 27.00 R49 to 59/80 R63. This product will be a valuable asset in all mining and earthmoving workshops.

  • Fully remote controlled
  • All wheel drive and steer
  • Handles tyres from R49-R63
  • Supports torque wrench

  • Narrow foot print
  • Work within one bay

Our Trilift® products are custom designed to resolve maintenance safety and efficiency issues within the earthmoving and mining industries. Most of our Trilift® products are compatible with various OEM equipment makes and models, yet some Trilift® products have been custom designed for a particular OEM make and model.

This OEM Compatibility list allows you to discover the Trilift® Products that we offer to increase the safety and efficiency of your OEM equipment maintenance and operations.

This list is a recommended guide only. This list does not include all OEM equipment makes and models. For specific details please contact Hedweld for technical advice.

The below list states which OEM makes and models we believe this Trilift® product is compatible with. If you click on an OEM model, you will be taken to a list of all Trilift® and Safe-Away® products that are compatible with the particular OEM model.

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