In Brazil our Global Business Development Manager was discussing some new component handling issues that a site was experiencing.

One such issue was how to safely handle the Cat 797 Cat Rim Adaptors. This particular rear wheel drive design has an adaptor secured to the hub that the outer wheel assembly attaches to. This must be moved before the inner wheel assembly can be removed and/or replaced.

Each side of the rim adaptor weighs 323kg and when in place, is above head height. Traditionally, this component is unbolted and dropped or slung to the ground. Reattaching it has even more problematic.

Hedweld’s solution takes the form of an electric remote-controlled tool which can be moved around the workshop by an existing electric pallet truck. This new tool safely handles both halves of the rim adaptor simultaneously and positions them into a transport frame. The R&D on this product is in its final inhouse testing stage (international patents pending). The next stage is onsite trials.

Through innovation we provide Safety and Efficiency