Hedweld’s metal processing plant houses some of the world’s most technologically advanced machinery to improve metal processing and manufacturing efficiencies, quality and cost.

Hedweld specialise in:

  • Manufactured solutions to complex problems with the ability to make an idea a reality. From inhouse drafting, to machining and
    general fabrication, blast and paint through to delivery.
  • High volume material processing utilising CNC machining, laser and plasma cutting of sheet metal, plate and structural sections.
    Providing reduced production lead times, consistent manufacturing quality and on time delivery.
  • High and low volume manufacturing quantities, including prototype and research & development requirements.

See Hedweld’s latest innovation the Material Storage Station in action below.

Stay globally competitive

Australian manufacturers and infrastructure businesses can stay globally competitive due to Hedweld’s:

  • Production of high-quality products and services
  • Investment in advanced technologies
  • Growing skilled labour force
  • Inhouse engineering and drafting capabilities
  • Ability to provide unique and innovative solutions
  • Repeatability

In our experience, welding robots have created a 30% to 70% cost reduction in the manufacturing process.

For more information, please see the below Capability Brochure.

Hedweld's Advanced Manufacturing Capability Brochure