Power Pack Series 2009

The Safe-Away® 2009 Series Power Pack offers users a simplified operating system for the control of the Safe-Away range of Ladders and Stairs. Features include an electrical harness configuration, incab control, power pack control board and a hydraulic manifold.

A simple, software driven main control board is at the heart of the Power Pack and controls of all Safe-Away® Access System operations, including raise and lower timings. Diagnostics and error reporting can be accessed directly from the incab control digital display. Operational history data logs can be downloaded to a USB memory stick via direct connection to the in cab control.

  • The incab control panel features touch pad raise and lower functions, an LCD alarm display with access system status reports, audible and visual errors alarms, alarm reset and optionally activated coded menu access to operational history data.
  • A software driven control card offers simplified access system control. Upgrading of existing power packs is made easy via an optional 2009 series control card and in cab control retrofit kit.
  • A 3,000 point data log provides users with access to system diagnostics. A USB port allows easy download of the logged data for review via a laptop or desktop PC.

  • Data logging capabilities

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