Grate Gate

The Milbrotec® Grate Gate offers a cattle grate and a property gate all-in-one. When the Milbrotec® Grate Gate is in the lowered position it is a cattle grate and when in the raised position, it is a secure property gate.

How does it work? The automatic Grate Gate lifts the grate section via a battery powered actuator. This is the easy option as you can raise and lower the grate to form a gate from the comfort of your vehicle using a remote or key pad.

The Milbrotec® Grate Gate comes in 3mW X 2mD and 4mW X 2mD lengths and can be finished in paint or fully galvanised. 

"Still over the moon with our solar powered Grate Gate. 

It would be the best thing that we have ever brought -  from not having to get out to open a gate, to feeling very safe at home when I am alone. Rang our Insurance company and even got a discount on our Insurance Policy.

Just love the Grate Gate and would highly recommended it." Clement family, NSW

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