Variable Height Work Platform

The Trilift® Variable Height Work Platform is an air supplied, hydraulically operated apparatus and has been designed for use by maintenance personnel to provide a simple and safe means of servicing rings and wheel nuts particularly within the mining industry. (Part No. TL10011)

The work platform is certified to a safe working load of 350kg/772lbs with variable height adjustments from 350mm to 1500mm. Includes an articulated jib arm with a working load limit of 100kg designed for attaching a retractable spring balance to provide tooling support.

  • Air powered/hydraulic operation.
  • Click on basket for tools, spare parts and wheel nuts.
  • Chassis inclination indicator.
  • Dead-man power control.
  • Locking front swivel wheels.
  • Hand railing on all four sides with a self-closing, self-locking gate.
  • Jib arm

  • Anti slip flooring.
  • One person operation with ease of mobility.

Our Trilift® products are custom designed to resolve maintenance safety and efficiency issues within the earthmoving and mining industries. Most of our Trilift® products are compatible with various OEM equipment makes and models, yet some Trilift® products have been custom designed for a particular OEM make and model.

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