Belly Pan Hoist

The Trilift® Belly Pan Hoist has been designed and manufactured for the safe and efficient removal of the belly pan from dozers, scrapers etc, in areas of difficult terrain such as on wet wash down pads and rough workshop floors. (Part No. TL10023)

The large rear wheels enable easier movement over a rough workshop floor and the even larger 125 mm wide rubber drive wheel ensures that optimum traction is achieved. A strong, low profile support frame ensures the belly pan can be removed without jacking up the machine.

  • One person self-propelled operation
  • Low profile access to underside of dozer
  • Adjustable height from 285mm to 1.1mt
  • Turntable for precise pan location
  • Air over hydraulic operation so it quickly taps into the workshop’s air supply

  • Easy manoeuvrability over rough floors
  • Frame designed to ensure that the Belly Pan can be removed without jacking up the vehicle - saving time
  • Maximum working load limit of 700kgs to ensure stability when supporting a belly pan
  • Can safely lower a Belly Pan full of debris with a total mass of 1400kgs
  • Has support springs fitted to the tee bar handle to reduce operator fatigue

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